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Trudy Koszarek

I LOVE PLAYING WITH FABRIC!!  And the mess in my sewing room proves it. 

I have been quilting since 1984, teaching quilting since 1987 and occasionally even sew clothing.  

Over half of my life was spent in Alaska.  We lived for 30 years in Valdez where I owned a quilt store, The Calico Whale.   I loved (almost) every moment of it and miss Alaska, it’s beauty and especially it’s people, but have moved on to Hawaii.  I love the fact that my ‘emergency’ cold weather gear in my car has been replaced by my ‘emergency’ swimsuit and beach towel.  You never know when the ocean will call to you and you must be prepared.

When I moved to Hawaii 5 years ago I decided not to buy any more commercial fabric nor use anyone else’s pattern.  I was going to dye all my fabric and make my own patterns.  As you can see by my class list I am even teaching someone else’s pattern and using commercial fabric - who can pass up all the beautiful fabric on the market.  They just keep manufacturing more.  I do like experimenting dying and printing fabric and making original quilts.  I not much into rulers anymore except to square things up.  But I am having fun and have met some really great Hawaiian quilters.